Love At Night

Gareth Heesom



The heart is a lonely hunter
See portraits inside
Each canvas is a new song
Just waiting for the light
Does that shy boy live within you
Does he still have the world to prove
From swimming in the black lakes
To painting in your childhood room
To give your love at night
A moment so revered
Are you longing for the feelings
You thought has disappeared
A band of brushes play your songs
Paint dancing in every stroke
Can you recall the perfume
And the feelings she'd evoke
You're in love with all the places
Where music always plays
Inspired by the heartbeats
When beauty held your gaze
When you open up your soul
Let the music paint the room
When the red wines overflowing
Your paintbrush sings the mood
When the red wines overflowing
Let your paintbrush sing the mood.


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